A multi-use germicidal disinfectant, sanitizer and true deodorant

   Effective against the HIV-1 (Aids Virus) on environmental surfaces at 200 ppm with only a contact time of 4 minutes

   One of the most economical, efficient and convenient multi-use sanitation products ever developed

   No chlorine taste or odor

   Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water



TIMSEN premeasured disinfectant-sanitizer-deodorant is formulated in a unique process to produce a rapidly soluble, free-flowing easily handled product. TIMSEN is one of the most economical, efficient and convenient multi-use sanitation products ever developed.


Recommended Usage (Sanitizing Solutions): 

To sanitize dishes, glasses, utensils, shopping baskets, metal shelving, tables, meat cutters, general equipment, cutlery, pots, tools, metal pans, containers, etc.


Scrape and prewash dishes, glasses, utensils.  Wash with a good detergent such as TIMSEN detergent.  Rinse with clean warm water.  Sanitize in a 200 ppm solution of TIMSEN sanitizer by immersion. (One (1) packet per two (2) gallons of water = 200 ppm).  Let air dry on rack or drainboard.  NO potable rinse is required.  Effective against HIV at this dilution ratio.


Recommended Usage (Disinfecting Solutions): 

To disinfect floors, walls, surfaces of aisles, sheds, warehouses and slaughterhouses, use one (1) packet per one (1) gallon of water (400 ppm).


To disinfect hospital surfaces, previously cleaned porous surfaces and hard to clean surfaces, use one (1) packet per 1/2 gallon of water (800 ppm).


For both solutions, clean in a regular manner, and then wet wipe surface thoroughly with solution by sponge or mop.  Allow to remain wet for at least 10 minutes and air dry.  Aids in cleaning.  Results in sanitary and odor-free surfaces.


Recommended Usage (Deodorize - Refrigerators): 

Empty one (1) packet into small receptacle containing one (1) pint of water.  Place into refrigerator.  Use one small receptacle for each 10 cubic feet of refrigerator space.


Recommended Usage (Deodorize - Coffee Makers): 

Clean thoroughly.  Empty in packets and fill to top with water (use two (2) packets per gallon capacity of coffee maker).  Soak for a minimum of one hour.  This sanitizes and penetrates pores, which draws out bitter rancid oils and all odors.  Rinse with water.


Recommended Usage (Deodorize - Drains): 

Add contents of one (1) packet to drain.  Flush with glass of water.  this will completely eliminate all odors from the drain.


Recommended Usage (Deodorize - Toilets): 

Empty one (1) packet into toilet or urinal, agitate with brush.  Do not flush.  Repeat for one week.  Thereafter, use 1/4 packet each night.  Results in odor free toilet or urinal.


Recommended Usage (Deodorant Spray): 

Deodorant spray for cold rooms, refrigerated showcases, floors and surfaces of warehouses, trash and transportation vehicles, pet odors, etc.


Dissolve one (1) packet per pint of water and pour into fine mist spray bottle.  Spray throughout area containing odor.  Area will be completely odorless.


Quantities Available:      

Individual boxes (75 or 150 packets) or full case (1,800 or 3,600 packets).



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